There are four main categories of rowers at Llandaff: Juniors, Masters, Men and Women. Within these groups there is a range in ability from novice through to senior. All members are taught sweep oar and sculling and training is done in squads. Adults and Juniors train separately.

Training consists of activities to build general fitness and strength and to develop rowing technique. During the week circuits, weight classes, ergo sessions and core stability groups are offered. Water work takes place in double sessions at weekends in the autumn and winter, and during the evenings week days and weekends in spring and summer.

Generally, rowers at club level are expected to train 3 to 4 times a week and on the weekend. Crews and scullers competing at a much higher level are expected to train independently mornings and evenings outside of the core club training schedule.

Rowing is a year-round sport with long distance ‘head’ races during the Autumn/Winter, and ‘regattas’ during Spring/Summer. On average as a Club, Llandaff attends five to six heads and eight to ten regattas annually. Crews and scullers are not expected to attend all of them.

There is no age limit to rowing, but Junior competition generally starts from the age of 12. Coxing is allowed from the age of nine. Masters competition starts from the age of 27. At Llandaff, our Masters and Seniors train side by side to get the best workout from both.

Llandaff is a friendly club and coaches and captains know it is not always possible to commit to specified training hours. Those rowers who decide not to compete or have other commitments elsewhere are free to train at their own pace and row at their own discretion. 


Coxswains (coxes) are important to a coxed crew. A cox is the person who steers a boat, taking the best course on a river, give commands to the crew and motivate them during a race. A good cox can make a significant difference to a crew and can make them win.

If you’re competitive, and would like to give coxing a try, come along to Llandaff Rowing Club and find out more about becoming a coxswain. Full training will be given and more information is available by contacting the men or women’s vice-captain.

Explore Rowing

Llandaff Rowing Club have adapted the British Rowing Explore Rowing, and we offer our members separate training sessions. Ideal for those who are not competitive but would like to learn to row to keep fit. The chance to explore the country, rowing on lakes, shores and canals. For further information visit the British Rowing website.

Adaptive Rowing

Llandaff Rowing Club has recently acquired equipment to cater for athletes with disabilities. We currently have adaptive fixed seat single sculls and sliding seat doubles. And other boats are available to cater for our needs from Welsh Rowing, for those who wish to try rowing as a sport. For further information about adaptive rowing at Llandaff, please contact the Club Captain.