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Covid-19 Update

Dear All

The Rowing sub-committee met on Monday 29 June and decided to move to the next stage of our return to rowing plan.

From Saturday 4th July members may row using club singles and blades as well as private singles.

Using shared club equipment makes the system more complicated and so I have updated the guidance and FAQs to try to explain how this will work. Please read both of these documents, even if you have already read the previous versions as we have had to make many important changes. These will affect you even if you have your own boat.

We still have one or two details to sort out (e.g. assigning specific blades to club boats) but this will be done by Saturday. In the meantime you can’t start booking time slots and boats for the coming weekend.

An updated booking sheet is available at the same link as before:

COVID 19 Risk Assessment initial return to rowing

Phased Return FAQs

Phased Return Members Guidance 29 June

Booking club boats/blades
As well as booking a time slot you must now book a club single  (or state that you are using your own private scull) on the booking sheet. There are 14 club singles available. I have provided a list on the booking sheet (see the worksheet named Club boats list) which describes the boats available, their weight, location and suitability for different scullers.

Each boat will be matched with two sets of numbered and labelled blades. You can use either set but if one set has just been used during the previous time slot I recommend you use the unused set. This is just to reduce the risk of cross contamination through the blade handles.

Don’t forget to record your actual times of arrival and departure AFTER your session.

Supervised junior sessions
Our junior members are competent scullers but they must be supervised at all times for safety and welfare reasons. To help the junior coaches manage their time, the committee has decided to set aside time for supervised junior sessions.  This is the only way that we can make sure juniors can row safely without placing unfeasible time demands on junior coaches.

We’re giving this a go this weekend and will see how it works. The committee will decide if we need to change anything once we gain some more experience of running the system.

Vice-captains, Ollie and Rachel, are looking into arranging supervised sessions for novices and those seniors and masters who are not confident in single sculls. We’ll let you know when we are able to arrange this.

Boat repairs
If you see anything that is broken and needs repaired please let me, Rachel or Ollie know so we can ask Jamie to fix it. Please don’t leave it to the next person to sort out.

If you have any questions then please let me, the VCs  or one of the GMC know.


On behalf or the GMC and Rowing sub-committee