Llandaff Rowing Club

Founded 1946



Llandaff Rowing Club sits on the banks of the River Taff and has a 1200 metre stretch of water at its disposal. This wide section of river includes one sharp bend and a weir near the Club house at the end of the downstream section.

There are three boathouses which stores our fleet of eights, fours (coxed, coxless, coxed quads and quads), doubles/pairs and singles as well as private boats.

On site there is a downstairs gym / weights room with free weights to help with strength and conditioning. The room is also used for circuit training. A separate gymnasium above the boathouse has 12 Concept II rowing ergometers and spin bikes, to use for self training or as part of our classes.
The Club house also has male and female changing rooms with lockers and hot showers.
Upstairs we have a large function room and bar, used for meetings and private functions.

The club also has access to long distance training held at Cardiff Bay.

We offers three main categories of rowers: Juniors (12-18), Masters (27+), Seniors (18+). Within these groups there is a range in ability from novice through to elite. All members are taught sweep oar and sculling and training is done in squads.

Training consists of activities to build general fitness and strength and to develop rowing technique. During the week circuits, weight classes, ergo sessions and core stability groups are offered. Water work takes place in double sessions at weekends in the autumn and winter, and during the evenings week days and weekends in spring and summer.

Rowing is a year-round sport with long distance ‘head’ races during the Autumn/Winter, and ‘regattas’ during Spring/Summer.
Junior competition generally starts from the age of 12. Coxing is allowed from the age of nine. Masters competition starts from the age of 27.

Coxswains (coxes) are important to a coxed crew. A cox is the person who steers a boat, taking the best course on a river, give commands to the crew and motivate them during a race. A good cox can make a significant difference to a crew and can make them win.

Llandaff is a friendly club, coaches and captains know it is not always possible to commit to specified training hours. Those rowers who decide not to compete or have other commitments elsewhere are free to train at their own pace and row at their own discretion. Alternatively, they can join in the ‘Explore Rowers’ group, who row on a Saturday afternoon.

If you are interested in joining our club, please contact the men or women vice captains or if you are a Junior contact the membership secretary, who will be able to give you further infomration.