Llandaff Rowing Club

Founded 1946

WIM3 8+ raced WeHoR

Llandaff’s WIM3 8+ raced the Women’s Head of the River Race 2014 on Saturday 15 March, 3.30pm.

After recent bad weather and high river, it was touch and go if the event would happen. Still on yellow flag last week, the committee decided to drop less experience crews and to hold the event. The women squad continued to train, in the hope the event would still happen.

After months of winter training, and sub changes, the hard work paid off. The crew did it in a time of 20.53. Coming in 8th out of 33 Intermediate 3 Provisional Club crews, 23rd out of 120 Intermediate 3 crews and 120 out of 293 crews overall.

A massive achievement for the women squad and club. Two weeks to go before the men race the Head of the River Race, and the Veteran women race the VESTA head.